VoicePod's Customization Service

VoicePod's Customization Service

Like a finely crafted suit or hand-built automobile, VoicePod's speech commands, audio responses and software can be perfectly tailored to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. With the VoicePod BeSpoke™ service, Houselogix creates a completely customized voice menu system for your home.
  • A perfect solution that delivers the ultimate VoicePod experience
  • You choose the precise command phrases that work best for your home
  • Custom audio responses are provided using our voice talent
  • All BeSpoke™ menus are speaker-independent - they work for everyone with no voice training required
  • Voice recognition accuracy is further enhanced using phonetic tuning
  • Fast turnaround for most BeSpoke™ projects
  • VoicePod's firmware can also be customized and embedded in other devices for OEMs
Contact HouseLogix or your home automation dealer for more information and a cost quote.

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